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Dementia Patient, 62 Years Old, 2019

“My sister has been suffering from dementia for several years now, and because of her condition, her other motor functions have been deteriorating too. I was worried for her and I seeked out different treatments for her. I decided to try an intravenous stem cell therapy for her. Initially I was worried that it might have harmed her as she seemed a little confused after her therapy. However as the days went by, I noticed that she began to pick up more social cues and seemed a little more alert. I am really happy to see the side of my sister that I hadn't seen in a while.”

Child with Autism, 6 Years Old, 2018

“Upon our third round of injections of stem cell treatment for our daughter, observations found immediately were her ability to read and communicate clearly through less stammers and being able to enunciate words better. Being able to write and express her feelings of love through drawing and writing, without having shaky hands. I am eternally grateful for what Mesenchymal Stem cell therapy has done for my lovely daughter.”

Osteoarthritis Patient, 64 Years Old, 2019

“I really enjoy playing Tennis in my spare time. I’ve probably been playing since I was 20 years old or so. But recently, probably because age is catching up to me, my cartilage has started to wear down and it's becoming really painful at times. I’ve had to give up playing tennis for the past couple of months. I’ve heard about stem cell therapies for years now but I was always skeptical of it. Since my condition had reached this stage, I thought why not and that id give it a shot.

They performed a direct injection into both my knees and told me to rest, ensuring the regeneration of some of my cartilage. After about 2 weeks, i noticed that my movement seemed a little lighter and more agile. Eventually I managed to start my Tennis routine again and i am pretty satisfied.”

Rejuvenation Patient, 59 Years Old, 2018 & 2019

“I don’t have any serious health problems in particular, probably just a few minor things here and there like higher than average cholesterol. I first tried the lower dose, which was 60 million cells last year. I felt really energetic the day that i did it and i woke up fresh with 2 hours less sleep than usual. I noticed that my stamina has increased as my run times had become about 5% faster than usual. I felt refreshed overall. In about a year, I decided to go for a larger dose of 90 million cells and I could feel that it was even stronger than the first. I had similar effects to the first where i felt more capable and alert.”

Rejuvenation Patient, 45 Years Old, 2018

“I run multiple hair treatment firms as well as managing a product line. As the years went by, I noticed that I could not keep up with the extreme pace of it all. After the stem cell therapy, I was honestly shocked that I had become more alert and capable of managing all these businesses at once. I could actually do what my mind had set itself out to do.”

Old Age Frailty, 72 Years Old, 2017

“My mother had been wheelchair bound for the past 2 years. She also needed an oxygen mask because she has some respiratory issues related to her habitual smoking. She had undergone this therapy a few months ago. It made me really happy to see that within a few weeks, she was able to get up from her wheelchair and remove her oxygen mask to take a walk along the beach, something that she had been wanting to do for quite some time now.”